Lesson 5 – Part 1: Email Marketing

Email marketing has been around for ages now. One of the “OG” of the internet, it really hasn’t evolved that much, mostly due to the limitations of the format, as well as the fact it doesn’t really need to evolve that much. Email is simple, and simple can be very powerful when used correctly.

So what is “correctly” – well that’s a bit more difficult to answer and will be different for each type of company and business model. What to keep in mind is that your communications should be relevant, timely and to the point and, as per our last lesson, with great creatives that drive brand awareness and intrigue. 

The other really important thing to keep in mind with Email marketing is segmenting. Much like building audiences in Facebook or Segments in Autopilot – Klaviyo is no different. You can set any number of criteria to define who gets what and when. You also want to routinely filter out unengaged users to keep your open rate & click-through ratio (CTR) remain high, otherwise, you’ll start ending up in the spam. 

With Klaviyo we can quickly & easily connect it to our store and it’ll start pulling in the relevant customer data & actions, then we deploy the Klaviyo script for simple site tracking, and you are pretty much good to go. To start we will create a few simple flows – nurture and onboarding series, as well as a “first offer” coupon code to nudge a first-purchase.

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