Lesson 5: EEC – Part 4 – Deployment

So for the actual deployment lesson, we will break this down into 6 different GA4 events that you will need to push via Datalayer Variables populated in GTM using a GA4 tag. 

Once each tag is deployed you should test and verify that the event is being pushed to GA4 with the correct information using the GA & GTM debugger tools. 

There are more actions you can push into GA4 such as view promo, refund, or add to wishlist, but these are events that we will be covering as they don’t tend to be that useful for most businesses. Although I will consider adding them into the course at a later date if people so would like me to. 

So let’s get into the first video, the view_item event. 

View Item Event

Add to Cart Event

View Cart Event

Begin Checkout Event

Begin Checkout Event

Add Shipping Info Event

Add Payment Info Event

Purchase Event

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