Lesson 2: Part 5 – Ad Channels

These days there are almost countless ad-channels available to you from every corner of the internet. From established giants like Google and Facebook – to fast-growing newcomers like TikTok and everything in between.

What Ad Channels you use will be dependent on your business, product, cost, strategy etc. Advertising an impulse buy for cosmetics is probably best suited to Instagram as opposed to LinkedIn, while a new SaaS company would likely be better suited to LinkedIn ads then cold traffic from Google or Facebook.

Also the targeting options of these platforms will vary greatly depending on how they track users, what information you have access to, and how their algorithms best decide who might be interested in your product or service.

At the end of the day there are a few main things to keep in mind which will help propel your forward regardless of the platform.

  1. Creatives are (almost) everything! Having fresh, dynamic creatives is so important. And there are a ton of resources out there to help you create agency-quality ads quickly and easily. We will review these later on in the course.
  2. Integrations! With all the data flowing about it is important your flows and automation quickly and easily remove people from custom audiences based on their actions. Platforms like Klaviyo, Autopilot or Zapier can help with this.
  3. Testing. While AI recommendations are quickly becoming the norm, stand testing of different ads, creatives, audiences and exclusions will help you know what is going to drive profitable growth the fastest.

We will look at each of these in more depth later on in the course, but start to think about how you want your messaging, branding to come through on your ads and who your ideal target audience (or persona) would be.

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