Lesson 2: Part 4 – Automation Tools

Automation is a huge part of my Tech Stack. I easily automate well north of 100,000 actions each month. These are simple things from formatting data, to much more complex tasks such as creating users and auto-enrolling them into a course or a dynamic Facebook/Google Ad audience. This helps my company stay organized, eliminate mundane tasks, and prioritize my leads/customers based on their actions.

Zapier is a huge part of this process. Often referred to as the “glue of the internet”, Zapier connects thousands of applications via their webhooks & API. On top of automating 10’s of thousands of tasks, it keeps a robust log of task history, including errors so you can debug the issues or manually adjust the incorrect data. 

While Zapier can’t automate everything, it can automate most tasks that would have been completed by sales/support staff, and can do those tasks without error or interruption. When it makes sense and you are able to do so – automate everything.

Additional automation tools, AutopilotHQ and Pipedrive, are not inherently automation tools like Zapier, but rather marketing & CRM tools that support automation within them.

These automation tools can be just as powerful as Zapier, and quite often easier to build out, due to their lack of complexity, but are not nearly as robust or powerful as tools such as Zapier. 

General rule of thumb – if you can build out automation within the tools you use themselves – do it. If you can’t – turn to Zapier and use it’s very powerful features to ensure everyday tasks are completed on time and without errors.

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