Lesson 2: Part 3 – Customer Data Tools

Customer Data Tools are what you use to store, validate and enrich data points about your leads & customers. These data points will make up the basis for the segmentation of your contacts, in turn that segmentation will dictate the variety of communications they will receive, ads they are served, and interactions with your business. 

As mentioned previously, Pipedrive is our recommend CRM. It is affordable, easy to customize, has great Pipeline tools and a myriad of other lead-gen and customer service tools & automations to power your growth. Ontop of that it has a native integration with AutopilotHQ – allowing for easy lead scoring and allows our sales & support to execute powerful automation directly from the CRM via dynamic segments triggers. 

The leader in this space, however, is undoubtedly Salesforce. It’s been the dominate leader in the space and is undoubtedly the platform with the most integrations – however, this comes at a cost. Both financially and physically. Salesforce isn’t as easy to customize, nor is it as affordable as Pipedrive, and it doesn’t have the out-of-the-box lead-gen and automation tools that come with Pipedrive. While it certainly can have those features, it takes much more effort to setup.

Finally, other tools to consider would be data enrichment tools like Clearbit or Towerdata – which can scrape lots of consumer information from identifiable information (i.e Email or Phone). These tools can prove invaluable especially when trying to scale niche-specific SaaS companies. 

When it comes to loyalty & social proof, companies like Yotpo, Trustpilot & Judge.Me can be great to build trust and validation within your product – but you also need to be careful, the data living on these platforms don’t belong to you. You have no power to remove or even challenge negative reviews found on these platforms, and their cost can increase very quickly if you start getting numerous reviews. 

Whatever customer data tools you use, make sure they are able to robustly segment and communicate with your messaging tools, so you can power unique 1-to-1 conversations without the heavy lifting. 

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