Lesson 2: Part 2 – Pop-ups & Sticky Bars

Pop-ups & sticky bars are a simple but important tool for list growth, promotions, and other forms of opt-in messaging – such as SMS. When building out either a pop-up or sticky bar it’s important to consider the triggering conditions, messaging, and offer being presented. 

Ideally, if the traffic is coming from a paid or social source, you want it to be relevant to the content or ad the individual engaged with. This can be achieved both with UTM’s and dynamic text replacement (DTR) which will curate a more individualized experience and higher opt-in rate than a generic promotion or offer. 

That being said, building out a unique offer for every ad campaign or offer isn’t always feasible, so having a “catch-all” doesn’t hurt & this catch-all offer can be optimized much more quickly and efficiently typically (due to the amount of traffic it will receive) via robust A/B or multivariant testing. 

Finally, some other things to considered are more advanced targeting – such as geolocation-based on IP, cookie status (although again will be unreliable in the near-future), referring domain & more. 

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