Lesson 2: Part 2 – Messaging Tools

Messaging tools fulfil many roles – from lead acquisition to customer retention & support, to general marketing & promotions. Whatever tool you use, the main goal with messaging is to be relevant. It’s better to send one message that a customer wants than 10 they don’t – and it’ll be more effective in the long run.

We recommend E-mail Service Provider is Klaviyo. It is a great platform with solid integrations and the ability to build out complex automated workflows – such as abandoned carts, browse abandonment, onboarding etc. Their support is great and their deliverability is solid, especially if you use a dedicated sending domain.

When it comes to ticket systems & customer support – Zendesk is a true leader. Again with a swath of powerful integrations, plus many rule-based initiatives for initiating a chat or automated responses based on page-level criteria – with the right effort you can really mitigate problems before they start.  

For conversational marketing or chatbots – Manychat and Landbot are two great options – but when operating on 3rd party platforms such as Facebook Messenger, you are at the mercy of Facebook who often changes the rules and regulations on their platform, this is especially true as privacy becomes a bigger discussion point for everyone.

The last messaging tool I rely on daily is AutopilotHQ. Easily one of the most robust Marketing Automation Platform (MAP) on the market, it has native integrations with both Salesforce (albeit at a cost of $199/month) & Pipedrive (free) as well as the standard customer journey building based on various triggers, actions and conditions – it also supports some really neat features such as sending automatic postcards ($1 for anywhere in the continental US) which can add a very powerful “offline” touchpoint to your marketing strategy.

Whatever platforms you use – follow best practices: be relevant, be honest and be smart about the flows and automations you build.


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