Lesson 2: Part 1 – Landing Pages

Landing pages are hugely important in both e-commerce, Saas and lead-gen based businesses. A land page differs from the rest of your site as a specific post-click (ad) interaction that promotes or targets a specific Call-to-Action (CTA). This CTA can be anything from a simple download offer (free whitepaper, free ad strategy etc.) to a more complex SaaS offering (free trial) to specific e-commerce products or promos.

What your land page does or promotes is (somewhat) irrelevant, but building a strategy around a good land page is not irrelevant.

Now there are many land page builders out there, the leaders would be:

There are more, and many of these platforms include additional features that can be configured to your business. Honestly, most of them are pretty similar and have usage and page-count based pricing models etc. They all come with pre-built templates that you can load and swap out with your own content photos etc and many of them have additional templates you can buy or access of different tiered plans.

Finally, they almost all come with built-in A/B or multivariant testing, server-side dynamic text replacement, smart traffic routing, accelerated mobile pages and more. But enough of that – let’s jump in real quick and a build a landing page using Unbounce, my preferred land page builder.

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