Lesson 2: Part 1 – GA Sections

GA4 has 5 main sections which are pretty clearly defined within the application. The first is Life Cycle which focuses on, obviously, the Life Cycle of the consumer. So think acquisition, on-site behaviour, e-commerce data etc.

Next, we dive into the Users, where we can look at the demographics of our visitors. Location, age, gender, device, operating system (iOS, Windows Android etc.), browser & more.

Next we have a new section, Events, which has the most changes (next to the all-new Analysis) as events make up the new data model for GA4. Under the events tab you can create both events & conversions. If you create an event and mark it as a conversion, every time that event occurs it will be counted as a conversion, which is why you can create new events from other events (such as started checkout) and add matching conditions to ensure those conversion events only fire on specific criteria.

Finally, we have the all-new Analysis hub which allows us to breakdown traffic and build more robust funnels on the fly. This was previously only available on GA360 googles enterprise solution. Give the complexity of this new feature we will have a dedicated lesson on solely this.


Tools in this Lesson

Lesson Assignment


Create an event in GA4 and then use that event to create a modified event with a matching condition. We will validate this event during the debugging lesson of this unit.

Key Takeaways