Lesson 1 – What is a Marketing Technology Stack

When building out your MarTech stack, the most important thing is to consider how well they integrate, if the integrations are native or via a 3rd party (such as Zapier) and how these integrations will reduce your workload while powering your business at the same time.

The second thing to consider is cost – and how that cost will scale as your company grows. One of my favourite automation tools is AutopilotHQ because of its 2-way sync with Pipedrive, our CRM. Now with that integration, we need to pay for every contact in our database – regardless of whether or not they are in an active Autopilot Journey, this drives the cost to well above $1,000/month.

There are a huge number of MarTech tools on the market, over 8,000 now. Many of these tools have overlapping features and functions. The first thing to do when deciding on what tools to use is to do a simple “Needs Assessment” and identify the tools that can meet those needs. When you’ve decided on what tools you need, be sure to do a check on G2 Crowd or Capterra to see what other people have experienced with those tools, to validate your investment.