Lesson 1: Part 4 – Data Layers

A Data Layer is what Google Tag Manager “reads” to get data. It is a few lines of code which is fired before the Google Tag Manager Script in your source code. If the Data Layer fires AFTER the Google Tag Manager script, it will not populate into GTM. A Data Layer Push looks like this:

  'color': 'red',
  'conversionValue': 50,
  'event': 'customizeCar'

In this instance you can see the data pushed was a color (red) a value (50) and an event (customizecar).

As you can see this is valuable data that you can then use to for further marketing, segmenting or retargeting. Let’s say this person didn’t complete a purchase, there is a good likely good that an ad for a red car would be most align with that shopper’s interests – pretty simple right? 

Although Data Layers, tracking and events can get very nuanced and complicated – it doesn’t have to be. Understand what information is relative to your business and then prioritize that data accordingly.  

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