Lesson 1: Part 1 – Tags, Triggers & Variables

So tags are the core of Google Tag Manager (GTM going forward). They are the scripts that are used to track visitors, report back conversions & events or trigger other third party MarTech Vendors.

The first tag we will deploy will be a Google Analytics 4 tag. Obviously, GA4 has a native integration with GTM so it’s a pretty easy “script” to install, you just copy over your GA4 ID and are basically good to go.

That being said – not every script has native integration with GTM, and some scripts actually won’t work inside of GTM container, so it’s important to check with vendors what methods of installing scripts when you are discussing it with their implementation teams.

There are no assignments for this lesson, as we will deploy GA4 tag in upcoming lessons, but it is important to understand what a tag is as it relates to GTM. 

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