Lesson 1 – Marketing Journey

Marketing journey’s, or flows, are pretty much exactly what they sound like. When a lead is acquired, or a pre-existing lead takes action in a way we’ve deemed valuable – you’ll want to nurture this lead or pre-existing customer in a way that best suits the end goal, be it a conversion or sign-up o whatever your business model is.

For newly acquired leads (say from a pop-up or promo) you’ll want to tell your brand story in a compelling manner that highlights what makes your brand, product or service unique, attractive or potentially profitable for the individual.

When building out Marketing Journey’s, or really any sort of Journey (also known as “flows”) you’ll have three main building blocks that will power your Journeys, each with their own function and purpose. They are:

  • Triggers: This is exactly what it sounds like, however, even though it is a simple concept the variety of available triggers, their interactions with the platforms and the way these triggers “fire” allows for an extremely complex amount of options. From simple list triggers – to robust, dynamic segments and everything in between.
  • Actions: Actions are, again, exactly what they sound like. Once a trigger conditions have been met, they will begin to trigger actions – which can be any number of communications, segmenting, field updates, and more. Actions will be combined with Conditions (covered below) which will give you the ability to build automations that can power any number of processes within your businesses.
  • Conditions: Are criteria checks that can be performed to determine a course of action, or inaction, during the journey. Condition checks are just as important as actions, they can determine when a lead or contact should be removed from a journey when something should or should not happen, and whether or not the lead has taken the key actions you want.

Throughout this unit, we will be combining each of these unique blocks to build customer journeys. The possibilities are truly, endless, however you will still run into limitations and obstacles – which is inevitable – so being creative and thinking outside of the box will still be critical to driving unique, individualized experiences for your leads. 

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