Lesson 1 – What is Essential for your Business?

Using the North Star or OMTM from the previous Unit, there are two questions to ask here 1) What is important for your business? and 2) How are you going to curate that experience on-site? 

If you are running PPC campaigns for lead-gen, when is that lead-gen going to happen? Will it be a dedicated land page or an on-site pop-up? Will the offer be curated towards the campaign or more generic? 

However, if it’s a dynamic shopping campaign that is dropping them directly on a product or category page – whats the experience there. Maybe you want to hold off on having a pop-up until the user displays exit intent, perhaps, based on the campaign, you are able to showcase recommended or similar products to the one they are currently viewing. 

With a SaaS company, it will either be booking a demo or getting them signed up for a free trial, depending on the complexity and pricing model of your SaaS company. Once acquired a robust on-boarding campaign, based on events, is absolutely necessary so your MaU (Monthly Active Users) continues to grow. 

Regardless of your goal, there are many ways to achieve this level of personalization based on your needs. Unbounce is a fantastic landpage & pop-up builder that can be setup to trigger on some complex conditions, such as UTM parameters or location-specific targeting. Typeform is a leader in “asking beautifully” giving you the ability to create interactive forms that function beautifully across all devices. Autopilot, which we will be going over in details in Unit 4, is amazing for on-boarding. 

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