Lesson 1: Installing GTM

Installing Google Tag Manager is a simple process that requires two lines of code. One in between the <head> tags and one directly after the <body> tag. Once installed all of your tags and scripts can be managed in a single location with ease and flexibility. 

If you are using Woocommerce and don’t want to install the code yourself, you can use GTM4WP WordPress Plugin by Tom Duracell to do this effectively.

If you are using Shopify, it is quite easy to edit your theme.liquid file to add the scripts, alternatively you can use Elevar Tag Management Suite, although this costs $50/Month – it does include robust pre-built Datalayer pushes which we will cover in future topics, so it will save you a fair bit of time in implementation.

Whatever your platform, every major e-comm CMS comes with some sort of pre-built integration so editing code & files typically won’t be necessary, but it’s always good to know how, just in case.

Tools in this Lesson

Lesson Assignment

Deploy GTM

Deploy a GTM container within your demo shop. Validate the installation using the Google Tag Assistant.

Key Takeaways